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航天奇迹终被搬上大荧幕| 月旦评---Aerospace miracle finally b

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  In these years we have seen many films about aerospace as "Gravity" "Interstellar" and "The Martian". Each of them, I believe, left a deep impression on everyone. Today I'll introduce a movie that is also a aerospace theme - "Salyut 7".


  Different from the other films, it was the recomposition of real events during the Cold War. The object waited to be rescued was neither an astronaut trapped in the universe, nor a botanist wandering on Mars, but a space station called Salyut 7. After a series of crises, such as cosmic space docking, cold weather, space station fire, and solar power system failure, the two brave astronauts eventually completed the task that everyone considered impossible and safely returned to Earth.

  因为维修任务艰巨,宇航局不得不找来当初因为声称看见“天使”而退役的苏联宇航员弗拉基米尔·贾尼别科夫(Vladimir Dzhanibekov)。他和工程师维克托·萨维尼赫(Victor Savinikh),驾驶T-13号宇宙飞船前去执行任务。当然第一次对接尝试失败了,宇航局的同仁们让他们休息,并展开激烈的讨论。就在同事们打开通讯想要遗憾的通知他们前景不是很乐观时,男主汇报道:我们对接成功了。

  Because of the arduous task of repairs, Russian Aerospace Angency had to find Vladimir Dzhanibekov, a Soviet astronaut who had retired for allegedly seeing "angels." He and engineer Victor Savinikh drove the mission T-13 to fulfill the task. Of course, the first docking attempt failed. RASA colleagues let them to have a rest, and did heated discussions. When the colleagues wanted inform them that the prospects are not very optimistic, the astronaut reported: we have a successful docking.


  When they entered the space station, they found that the it was completely covered with snow (the spit can immediately freeze). As the beginning of the story, the engineer took great riskes and made a "hot blast" with the battery of the alliance's spacecraft to heat up the space station (though it sounds impossible, but it's the real truth).


  When the snow and ice turns into water, they began to collect them. Of course, it was also the snow water that caused the short-circuit, which triggering the Alliance spacecraft into a fire sea (the spacecraft did not explode in reality, and one of the astronauts returned to Earth with the T-13).


  In order to prevent the US Challenger from getting the technology of the space station, the RASA decided to shoot down the space station and bringt one of the astronauts back to the earth, for the oxygen was enough for only one people. The RASA decided to give up Vladimir and arranged the his wife and daughter to talk to him. The daughter asked her Dad: Where are you? In the sky? Are you back? The tearful wife said the last sentence: come back! This section is particularly touching.


  When the engineer learned that he was the only one who can return to earth, and his partner rejected to let him stay, his shouted with hoarse voice: You let me to go back. And then? How did I look to my children's eyes? How did I look into yours? They tried many times to remove the sensor, from sunrise to sunset, but all attempts turned into failure.


  At this point, the supervisor of RASA also picked up the hammer to the sensor on the analog machine. Enough him with strong body can't do it, and the atmosphere became very sad.


  Suddenly Vladimir thought of a thing that when he was a child, he and his father stay in the woods at night, and found the chain was broken in the cold. It turned out that the metal viscosity decreases in the case of very low temperatures, and easy to break. So they started trying to smash the sensor again and again. At the very last moment, the sensor is off, and charging indicator light. The space station restored power supply, and operated normally. When the supervisors got the good news, the burst into celebration.


  When the US space pilot saw the two former Soviet astronauts standing on the edge of the space station, they showed their respect.


  At this moment, I think both sides go beyond ideology. After all, in the vast universe, it is not worth mentioning the disagreements between nations.


  In the past, when we talk about movies of space themes, most of us wil think of U.S ones. However, "Salyut 7" is another way to show the unique "bear style" of russian ways. I think there is probably no film will do such things in the spacecraft with high-precision equipment---heat with "hot fast", or smash with a hammer, or drink in the space. It is the Russian-style solution, which full of captivation.


  I hope everyone will go to the cinema to experience this space rescue miracle. At the same time, enjoy the charm of the vast universe.


  btw: due to space issues, some details are not listed, I will write an additional article